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Constant Updates

I will be sending you little drafts so you can hear the direction of where this is going.

Any Genre

From toy music to extreme metal music. I will gladly take any challenges!

Keep the Session

You get to keep and tweak my REAPER session to your liking. I can also export stems for other DAWs.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the way it is sounding, I will refund your payment!

Services Available

Guitar & Bass

I have access to professionally perform and record electric/acoustic/classical guitars, as well as electric bass. If your song needs any of these, count me in!

Drum Programming

I can help you program realistic drum programming to your song. I will also build a drum-kit that will fit your song. You can also give me a song for reference.

Backing Tracks

Maybe you need some instrumental work for your vocal performance. Or just background music for your voiceover. I will make something to make you stand out!

Full Songs

Music for film, video games, intros, or just any media. Tell me about your project and I will do my best to give you the best sound for it!

"Alejandro brings a standard of quality that far exceeds expectations because he has a vision for every piece of music that he touches. Working with him is not only a pleasure; it's a fulfilling, creative, and collaborative experience all on its own." 

Gamelark Records

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Hour rate

Will work based on an hourly rate. It highly depends on the amount and type of work there is to do. Contact me and tell me what your project is about and I will give you an estimated quote!

Tell me about your project!