Fast Delivery

Get your whole project fully mastered in 1 to 2 days.


Your awesome mix will stay awesome. I will just add that finished and professional touch.

Any Platform

Mastering according to any standards for distribution, such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, CD, etc.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the way it sounds,
I will refund your payment!

Why mastering?


One of the main goals is to have consistent levels throughout the whole album so the listener doesn't have to ever adjust the volume. Always respecting the original dynamics.

Best sound in all devices

Music always sounds different in every playback device. Mastering will take care of finding the sweet spot where it will perform best in all platforms.

Optimizing the overall sound

Using extremely transparent tools and tricks, your mix will still preserve its character while meeting the standards of a professional production.

Distribution preparation

This is the very final step where all the files get organized and ready to be released in the platform of your choice. This includes embedding metadata, PQ codes, conversions, and any other accommodations.

"Alejandro brings a standard of quality that far exceeds expectations because he has a vision for every piece of music that he touches. Working with him is not only a pleasure; it's a fulfilling, creative, and collaborative experience all on its own." 

Gamelark Records


Starting at $25 per song.

This price is negotiable, contact me for deals. 
And of course, the more songs and projects the cheaper you will get it! 

"I also wanna thank AHmusic for the mastering of this album, you guys should definitely go check him out and hire him if you need any mastering work done"


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