Fast Delivery

Get your song fully mixed in 1 to 2 days.

Ready To Go

Since my mixes include mastering, your song will be ready to be published.

Unlimited Revisions

You have the option of requesting any changes at any time with unlimited free revisions.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the way it sounds, I will refund your payment!

Services Available


I will reamp your guitar or bass DI and get a tone that will perfectly fit your mix. Additionally, I can tone match to any reference you give me.

Drum Programming

I can help you program realistic drum programming to your song. I will also build a drum-kit that will fit your song. You can also give me a song for reference.

Drum Reinforcement

I will reinforce the sound of your live drums with high quality samples.

Mix with Mastering Included

A big part of my sound comes from the mastering chain so I can make as little processing to the tracks. Therefore, your song will be mastered and ready to go once I'm done mixing! Of course you can request for an un-mastered version if you prefer that!

"Alejandro brings a standard of quality that far exceeds expectations because he has a vision for every piece of music that he touches. Working with him is not only a pleasure; it's a fulfilling, creative, and collaborative experience all on its own." 

Gamelark Records


Starting at $100 per song.

This price is negotiable, contact me for deals. 
And of course, the more songs and projects the cheaper you will get it! 

"Alejandro creates precise, unmatched productions with the passion of a musician and the mastery of an engineer"

Ro Panuganti

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[Metal] Ray of Light by SixteenInMono (Mixing, Mastering & Reamping)

New guitar tones and drums (September)

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