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Here are some of my recent projects that I am very proud of!

These are some of my personal creations. I am in charge of all the production, such as transcribing, arrangement, performance, mixing, mastering, filming and video editing. You can find more videos like this on my Youtube channel.

Zelda OoT: Goron City

Metal arrangement of the Goron City theme from Zelda Ocarina Of Time, originally composed by Koji Kondo.

I started off with diminished sounding riffs and harmonies, then proceeded with an harmonic minor transition going into just minor. After that I proceeded to jump right into major and major melodic to express all the love and feelings I have towards this game and song. I do not have a cuica, but I managed to sample a cup and a straw and sound designed it into that classic sound from the game. I love being able to incorporate some of my sound design skills into my arrangements!

Short previews of some of the mixes I have done recently.

[Metal] (Mixing, Mastering & Reamping)
Dead Ringer by SixteenInMono

[Metal] Ray of Light by SixteenInMono (Mixing, Mastering & Reamping)

New guitar tones and drums (September)

A collection of all the albums I have mastered so far

Projects where I had to play more of a musician/arranger role

Original music that I made for video games, movies, or animations.

Sun Sentinels

July 15, 2015

World Music

There Once Was

June 7, 2015

Fantasy / Orchestral

Den Mothers

May 31, 2015



March 20, 2015

Rock / Dark Ambient

Minions Of Fenrir

March 20, 2015


Djent Generator

July 15, 2015

The Deku Tree Djenerator is a fun and interactive application inspired by two of the things I love. Metal and videogames. 

The popular term "djent" is an onomatopeya that comes from a style of modern metal music and it describes the sound of distorted palm muted guitars with very low pitch and emphasizing the stacatto playing.  

In this app you have the opportunity to "djent" over one of my favorite melody lines, the Deku Tree theme from Zelda Ocarina of Time! 

The application basically consists on a loop drum playing just cymbals and snare in the background, and different one bar long samples that consist of bass, kick drum, and guitar riffs.  

With the keyboard or your mouse you can choose to play between 11 different riffs, choose four different drum loops, and layer up to 5 tracks for orchestration of the melody.

Download (MAC OSX only)

Video Demo


• Download the app by clicking the download button on the link above.
• Double click on the application.
• Set your audio driver by clicking on the icon at the bottom left corner that says "audio."
• Click on the icon saying "restart" at the bottom right corner.
• Choose any drum loop by clicking on any of the boxes under drums. 
• Layer any melody by clicking any of the checkmarks right next to the drums.
• You can now djent with your keyboard by pressing the letters that appear on screen! 
• If the melodies and the drum loop go out of sync, press the restart button.

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